Tax consulting

A tax consultant is your lighthouse in the ocean of tax regulations.

From an entrepreneur’s point of view, each tax is an expense.

From experience, we know that the larger the company, the more complex is the ideal calculation of tax liability, and the chances for savings are greater. Successful companies in Croatia and the developed world use outsourced tax consultants, who can realize significant tax savings for them based on their knowledge and daily experience.

You know there are excellent ideas for managing tax liabilities. Tax breaks and subsidies you can achieve by a slight change in your operation…

Even the tax administration claims that taxpayers do not optimally manage their tax liabilities. However, the legal framework of tax subjects is very extensive and subject to constant changes. The books that contain all relevant tax regulations are about ten centimeters thick and are updated several times a month. The larger and more complex the company, the more difficult is the correct calculation of tax liability, but the chances for savings are also greater.

Turn your tax calculation into a long-term competitive advantage! Achieving this goal is the focus of our tax consultants. In close cooperation with you, we identify and implement the tax strategies that are best for your company’s structure, culture and willingness to take risks, and always in accordance with the law.

Are you interested in tax optimization or the answers of a certified tax consultant to inquiries from the tax administration?

Do you need a study on transfer prices or the registration of persons required to pay VAT?

Contact us with full confidence.

Key activities:

  • Preparing a tax strategy
  • Tax optimization
  • Counseling regarding tax inquiries, control by the tax administration (as a one-off or as a package)
  • Preparing complaints and other reports managed by the tax administration
  • Preparing studies on transfer prices
  • Registration of people required to pay VAT
  • Checking and analysis of accounting ledgers
  • Preventive tax review
  • Tax due diligence
  • Client representation
  • and others