About us

Basic information

Infokorp d.o.o. was established in 1996. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our operation. Today, we have about thirty employees and work with over 170 clients, which makes us one of the largest companies in our field of activity.

In 2011, we were selected as one of the best brands in Croatia by consumers and we won the SUPERBRANDS 2011-12 recognition.

We hold ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 certificates and always maintain a high level of professionalism with our clients, providing them the maximum level of service.

We have a AAA credit rating in accordance with the international credit rating evaluation system of the company Bisnode.

Infokorp is also a member of the Association of Management Consultants, the Croatian Association of Accounting Services, the American Chamber of Commerce, the British Chamber of Commerce and the German Chamber of Commerce.

At Infokorp we have been building long-term business relationships with our clients and firmly believe that complete trust, mutual understanding, and assistance are the only basis for a good business relationship. Our dedication to solving problems, regardless of their complexity, and our willingness to constantly learn and improve our knowledge and capabilities make us an ideal choice to support and improve the operations of our partners.

Why Infokorp?

Our operation is based on several features that we believe contribute to the long-term success of a partnership with our clients.

The first is CORRECTNESS. We guarantee the uncompromising quality of our work by a dual-level control system, the results of which are an important component of rewarding of our employees.

The second is PROVIDING GOOD SERVICE. We assess the satisfaction of our clients four times a year and we act according to the results of that assessment. The average appraisal of the clients’ satisfaction also makes an important component in rewarding the employees.

In addition, we value the EXPERTISE of our employees. At the moment, we employ a person with a Master’s degree in economics (as a tax and business consultant), a certified tax consultant and an accounting forensic specialist, two authorized auditors, 17 persons with university qualifications, two chartered accountants, and seven persons with the secondary school qualifications and long experience in accounting operations. Also, each of our employees is required to attend at least 20 hours of professional seminars or continuing education a year. Most of our employees communicate in English, six have the Cambridge Business English certificate and four have Cambridge Financial English certificate.

We cooperate with all of the major consulting companies in Croatia, and our employees occasionally publish articles in professional magazines.

We believe that it is not enough to be well informed, but that the LEVEL OF INFORMATION of our clients is equally important, i.e. that the necessary information reaches them quickly and efficiently.

Finally, in order to be meet the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently, we always use the most advanced TECHNOLOGY. Communicating through e-mail, constant connection to the Internet, and flexible and efficient software packages are standard in our operation. We use the Microsoft Navision program system in our operation.