Payroll accounting

Security, the reduction of expenses, confidentiality, expertise and continuous availability are the basic parameters of the payroll accounting process.

Calculating salaries and income tax is the part of legislation that changes most frequently.

It is not enough to monitor only the work of the Croatian legislature. It is also necessary to pay attention to the work of local assemblies and to the opinions and interpretations of different ministries and courts.

The most successful companies in the 21st century have reached the top by focusing on specific markets, or even parts of markets, and by concluding alliances with successful companies from other fields.

The basic advantages of Infokorp’s service for payroll accounting are:

  1. INCREASED SAFETY, because the risks connected with the legally demanding and changeable process of calculating salaries are transferred to the service provider.
  2. REDUCED EXPENSES for operations, education, subscriptions to professional journals, IT services, etc.
  3. CONFIDENTIALITY of data in payroll accounting is one of the basic requirements of efficient human resources management in every business.
  4. EXPERTISE resulting from the continuous monitoring of the frequent changes of legislation, local regulations, court practices, and the constant education of our employees.
  5. THE CORRECTNESS of a payroll accounting and all the required records that is based both on the competence of our employees and on the deep experience acquired in the most diverse cases, from craftsmen earning a substantial profit, through seconded workers and workers in foreign branch offices, to workers with fixed-term employment contracts in non-profit organizations.
  6. CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY of the service for payroll accounting so that you will not have to depend on using annual vacations, sick leave, and other absences of your employees.


Key activities:

  • Maintaining the payroll account with salaries in kind, sick leaves at the expense of the company or the fund
  • Calculation of overtime hours, work on Sunday, at night or on holidays, with the mandatory contributions, taxes and surtaxes calculated on and from salaries
  • Calculation of deductions from salary, incentives, domestic and foreign per diems on the basis of travel orders
  • Maintaining payroll accounting for seconded workers
  • Calculation of monthly, quarterly or annual bonuses
  • Preparing payment orders and preparing media for payroll accounting
  • Preparing forms for maternity leave
  • Preparing applications to HZZO (Croatian Health Insurance Fund) for sick leave refund
  • Preparing all accompanying documentation connected to the payroll account
  • Submitting documentation about the payroll account to the appropriate institutions or via the Internet
  • Preparing the general voucher for salaries/bonuses in Excel format in a predetermined form
  • Handing over documentation at the user’s location
  • Preparing the RAD1-G report
  • Calculating annual taxes and surtaxes
  • Preparing non-taxable payments (Christmas bonuses, Easter bonuses, reimbursements and severance payments)
  • Preparing calculations for author contracts or temporary service contracts
  • Preparing the IDD-1 form and the certificate of paid receipts
  • Processing travel orders