Business consulting

Good advice is as valuable as gold.

Business problems can lead to ruin, but they can also be a chance for a new start.

Every company, and particularly a start-up, needs a business plan. You can prepare simple business plans yourself, but we must work on more complex ones together. Feasibility or investment studies are a part of business planning, but they require more expert knowledge. Also, it is often necessary to present and explain them to potential creditors or investors. In Infokorp, mature companies can find a partner that will help them create strategies sustainable in the long run based on a diagnosis of the status of operations and a market analysis supported by implementation tactics and operational procedures.

For companies with problems, we provide assistance in crisis management. Since quick and decisive action is necessary, an analysis is carried out in a short period of time and decisions are implemented within a few months. Only persons with experience and a wide knowledge of the methods for exiting a crisis can resolve a seemingly hopeless situation.

Key activities:

  • Preparing business plans
  • Developing a feasibility study or an investment study
  • Crisis management
  • Estimating the value of business entities
  • Cost management
  • Founding a company, subsidiary
  • Branch offices
  • Changing a registration (address, director, etc.)
  • Issuance of a PIN (OIB)
  • Liquidation of the company
  • Maintaining the record of decisions
  • Registered address
  • Keeping the book of business shares
  • and others