Would you like to know the truth about your business?







Infokorp d.o.o., with its more then twenty employees, is one of the largest audit companies in Croatia and is certainly the largest fully Croatian company. Is this a big enough reason to entrust us with the job of audit your company? Not really. Having being in continual contact with potential users of our services, we’ve come to the conclusion that they all suffer from the same problem when undertaking audits. The company directors kept saying to us:

  • Audits are a useless legal obligation of no use to anyone, they already know everything about their business.
  • Audit prices are unreasonable high in comparison to the return they give.
  • A lump-sum payment for the services would place the company’s liquidity at risk.
  • The audit company sends trainees who have no idea of accounting, let alone business practices. Company sees only signature from the authorised auditor or partner.
  • The owner demands the use of an auditing company possessing an international reputation.
  • Audit consumes precious time from workers in accounting and the financial director who must consequently work overtime.
  • They only need a signature.

Our goal is to establish long-term business relationships with the users of our services, while we firmly believe that this is achievable only if the value of our service provides a manifold return on its cost. As a result, we’ve had to face the stated objections in a very serious manner and formulate our business in such a way that all such problems are resolved (except if what you want is only a signature, in that case, you don’t need to contact us).

The greatest difference between our manner of undertaking audits and the competition’s, lies in the fact that we carry out audits throughout the whole year! What does this, in fact, mean and why is it so important? Our competition show up once or twice a year, occupy your offices and snatch your employees, doing more damage than good, with stress levels becoming sky-high, conflicts accumulating… We carry out audits little by little, throughout the whole year, keeping continually in mind your valuable time and that of your employees. We always organise our tasks in order to reduce your involvement to a minimum and keep deadlines long enough so that all the tasks can be carried out on time without hassles. To do this we intensively rely on the use of IT technology, databases, Excel spreadsheets, remote access, scanning and all other sorts of modern technical tools. We organise a system for reporting and internal checks, which facilitates our need to check the integrity of your business. A side-effect of this kind of approach to work is that you yourself will gain a better insight into your business with a minimum of effort. If you already have a good reporting system, excellent, the less we need to worry about. Naturally, whole-year auditing means remunerating services throughout the whole year instead of making lump-sum payments that affect your liquidity, you pay for our services incrementally each month.

As mentioned previously, besides being unique in Croatia (the concept is globally known as a “Continuous Audit”) from the rest of the competition, we’re different for the following reasons:

  • One of our partners and authorised auditors will always speak to the company director, financial director and/or owner.
  • Our partners and auditors have extensive accounting and audit, but also business experience.
  • Our audits are internationally approved.
  • We provide support in the field of accounting, taxation, labour laws, management (one of our partners has a master’s degree in management and is a certified consultant.
  • The legally required auditor’s opinion is a secondary result of our work in verifying your business. The main product is the Letter to the Management Board concerning accounting, taxation, business and other observations identified during the audit with a special overview of possible errors or abuse.
  • We don’t like legally stipulated minimum tariffs from lawyers, notary publics, taxi drivers, nor from auditors. We believe that the competition forces us to be better.
  • We’re not going to tell you we’re the cheapest (Do you really want the cheapest? Do you have the cheapest prices?).

We believe that we can be a unnoticed assistant to your company’s business, always ready to jump on at the crucial moment.