You are: Large company

You are: Large company


Security and confidentiality, reliability in processes and fitting into an international environment are priorities stemming from our business.







Confidentiality of information is your top priority and you’ll want to be sure that data, such as salary levels and bonuses remain confidential and secure?

Information concerning your wages and salaries will more easily remain secure if you outsource payroll accounting to Infokorp. We take care that confidential data remains confidential, and that all tasks be carried out in a timely manner conforming to laws and regulations. You don’t need to worry about employee training, annual holidays, or changes to the law, because we do all of this for you.

Would you like to gain a precise insight of the situation your company is in?

We’re conscious of the fact that a success business must have a real picture of the company’s situation, but that it is also very difficult at any given moment to acquire data that you require. The bigger the company, the harder it is to retain an insight into all segments of business, which may result in undesirable consequences. Infokorp is in the position to ensure timely information by auditing throughout the whole year. Besides providing you with a top quality service, if you decide on audit throughout the year, we won’t occupy your offices and your employees’ time, thereby increasing your productivity.