Why Infokorp?

Why Infokorp?


Our business is based on a several dimensions we believe to be fundamental for long-time success of partnership with our clients.






PRECISION is in the first place. We ensure uncompromising quality by two-level system of control, and the results of such control constitute integral component in awarding our employees.

HELPFULNESS is in the second place. We scan satisfaction of our clients four times a year and act according to the results of the scan. The average degree of satisfaction of our clients also constitutes a component in awarding our employees.

Besides, we foster EXPERTISE of our employees.We employ certified management consultants, certified auditors, employees with university degree, certified accountants and employees with secondary education and many years of experience in accounting. Each of our employees has to take at least 20 hours annually in vocational and additional training. We cooperate with all important consulting companies in Croatia, and our employees occasionally publish papers in vocational journals.

In our view, no matter how good our own knowledge is, our clients must possess all the basic information too and we make sure that INFORMATION information reach them promptly and efficiently. Therefore we distribute to our clients our bulletin with major newsin legislation, regulations, business opportunities, governmental and other initiatives in the support of enterprises, etc.

In the end, in order to be able to promptly and efficiently satisfy the needs of our clients, we always use the most advanced TECHNOLOGY. Communication by e-mail, on-line service and flexible and efficient program packages are the standard of our operation.