Getting an OIB identity number

Getting an OIB identity number

OIB is a personal identity number, called “osobni identifikacijski broj” in Croatian. This new form of identity number was introduced on 1 January 2009. The OIB is needed for all dealings with any kind of officialdom, such as paying taxes and household bills, opening and accessing  a bank account, or registering a vehicle.

Foreigners temporarily staying in the Republic of Croatia will get the OIB in the procedure of registering the residence/stay in the police station.

In all other cases the OIB is issued by the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance, which has offices all round Croatia. For example, foreigners who hold a bank account have to apply for their OIB to be issued. This is a straightforward procedure which costs nothing. The application can be submitted in person, together with the original supporting documents or by some other authorized person (employer, host institution etc.). The OIB can be issued immediately.

List of documents:

1) Request for an OIB to be issued and delivered (the application form is in Croatian, and is available on this web site)*
2) Authorization signed by the foreigner (if the request is not submitted in person) – in Croatian
3) Copy of the valid travel document, or some other identity document (original may be asked for inspection)

From 1 January 2010 the OIB is also considered as a tax number.

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